Carey's balsamroot

Kathleen A. ("Kali") Robson



Employment Background, Research and Technical:

Employment Background, Teaching -

Courses taught at Clark College, Vancouver, WA. Adjunct Instructor in Horticulture & Biology (2011-2012):

Courses taught at Lower Columbia College, Longview, WA. Adjunct Instructor in Sciences (2003-2004):

Courses taught at Washington State University, Tri-Cities & Vancouver branch campuses (1993-2000): Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University, Pullman.

Book: Robson, K.A., A. Richter & M. Filbert. 2008. Encyclopedia of Northwest Native Plants for Gardens & Landscapes. Timber Press, Portland, OR.

Selected Publications:

Maze, J., K. Robson & S. Banerjee. 2003. Expanding the View of Emergence in
Individuals, Populations and Species of Stipoid Grasses: A Comparison Including Achnatherum occidentale var. pubescens. Semiotics, Evolution, Energy, Development. 3(1):41-63. (
Maze, J., K. Robson & S. Banerjee. 2000. Studies into the abstract properties
of individuals. IV. Emergence in different aged needle primordia of Douglas fir. BioSystems. 56:43-53.
Maze, J. & K. Robson. 1996. A new species of Achnatherum (Oryzopsis)
from Oregon. Madro´┐Żo, 43(3):393-403.
Robson, K.A. 1996. Propagating shrub-steppe herbaceous dicots in
south-central Washington. Restoration & Mgmt. Notes. 14(1):76-77.
Robson, K. and J. Maze. 1995. A comparison of rare and common grasses
of the Stipeae. I. Greenhouse studies of growth and variation in four species from parapatric populations. Int. J. Plant Sci. 156(4):530-541.
Robson, K.A., J. Maze, R.K. Scagel and S. Banerjee. 1993. Ontogeny, phylogeny
and intraspecific variation in North American Abies Mill. (Pinaceae): an empirical approach to organization and evolution. Taxon 42(1):17-34.
Maze, J. and K. Robson. 1993. In defense of aesthetics.
Lasthenia, a publication of the U.C. Davis Herbarium, Summer.
Maze, J. and K. Robson. 1991. Tracking changes in northern and southern
distributional limits of plant species in interior British Columbia and Washington. NW Environ. J. 7:351-352.
Robson, K.A. and S.P. McCormick. 1988. 6-methoxyflavonoids from
Balsamorhiza section Artorhiza. Biochem. Syst. and Ecol. 16:411-412.
McCormick, S.P., K.A. Robson, J. Maze and B.A. Bohm. 1987. Flavonoids
from Wyethia section Agnorhiza. Phytochemistry. 26:2421-2422.

Government Reports:

Robson, K.A. 1992. A comparative study of the rare Wenatchee
larkspur (Delphinium viridescens) and its sympatric relative, Western monkshood (Aconitum columbianum). USDA-USFS, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland.
Robson, K.A. 1992. Reproductive constraints and seedling recruitment
in the endangered showy stickseed (Hackelia venusta). USDA-USFS, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland.

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