skunk cabbage

Grasses, sedges, rushes, wetland and aquatic plants

This list includes some common wetland monocots. See my encyclopedia for more details.

Scientific NameCommon NameComments
Carex hendersonii Henderson's sedgedeciduous, 1-2 ft., some shade, moist / wet;
Carex obnupta slough sedgedeciduous, 1-2.5 ft., some sun, wet / emergent;
Carex sitchensis Sitka sedgedeciduous, 2.5-4 ft., some sun, emergent
Deschampsia cespitosa tufted hairgrassdeciduous, 1-3 ft., some sun, moist / wet
Eleocharis palustris creeping spike-rushdeciduous, 1-3 ft., some sun, wet / emergent
Juncus effusus soft or common rush evergreen, 1-3 ft., some sun, moist / wet
Juncus ensifolius dagger rushdeciduous, 6-24 in., some sun, moist / wet
Luzula parviflora small-flowered woodrushdeciduous, 8-24 in., some shade, moist;
Lysichiton americanum skunk cabbage, swamp lanterndeciduous, 1.5-3.5 ft., mostly shade, wet
Sagittaria latifolia wapato deciduous, 1-2.5 ft., sun, emergent;
Scirpus spp. (Shoenoplectus) tule, hard, soft - stemmed bulrush, and others deciduous, 3-9 ft., sun, emergent;
Sparganium emersum (S. angustifolium) narrow-leaved bur-reed deciduous, 1-3 ft., mostly sun, emergent / floating
Typha latifolia cattaildeciduous, 3-9 ft., sun, emergent;
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