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Important Tips for Proper Oral Care When You’re Pregnant

Many pregnant women want to know if they are really at an increased risk of having gum and dental disease during their pregnancy stage. So, because of that, we have come up with a quick guide for expectant mothers’ dentistry.  During pregnancy, estrogen hormones significantly increase. In addition to that, substantial hormonal changes can also make you more prone to gum disease, which is also known as pregnancy gingivitis, due to the blood vessels changes in gum tissue.  

Furthermore, pregnancy tumors might also develop later in pregnancy, but these are simply gum tissues overgrowth and are non-cancerous. Apart from that, your best bet for avoiding gum or dental disease as well as other issues during pregnancy is taking good care of your gums and teeth. As an expectant mom, consider these following tips as a guide in order to maintain strong and healthy teeth as well as overall oral health. 

Not All Prenatal Supplements for Oral Care Are Actually Helpful 

As a matter of fact, there’s no enough data to prove that fluoride supplements will make sure that your baby gets a boost on developing much stronger teeth to recommend using them. In addition to that, studies that have been recently conducted are also not conclusive as to the fluoride supplements’ effectiveness. That being said, there’s one way to aid your kid avoid cavities later on and that involves applying fluoride to his or her teeth soon after they show up. 

How to Properly Take Care of Your Teeth When You are Pregnant 

To make sure that you take care of your teeth properly, use toothpaste that contains fluoride and only choose the ones that are approved by the American Dental Association. Make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly at least 2 times per day. You should also have to floss in a daily manner, as well as use a specified mouth wash in order to fight the buildup of plaque as well as gingivitis.  

Aside from that, you must also make sure that you have your regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups. If you have swollen, tender or painful gums, as well as other dental issues that concern you or don’t make you feel comfortable; consider visiting your personal dentist. Many people believe that as the baby grow in the womb of his or her mother, calcium for the teeth of the baby is supplied by the mother’s own teeth. Obviously, this is nothing but a myth. Babies inside the womb receive their nourishment including minerals like calcium from the mother’s diet as well as the nutrients in the foods that the mother eats, not from her teeth.  

Through eating a healthy diet that contains plenty of vegetables, fruits, as well as low fat dairy products, you’ll help make sure that your baby will eventually have healthy teeth, not to mention an overall good health and well-being. If you want to know more about your oral health during your pregnancy, make sure that you regularly visit a dentist the Woodlands TX. 



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5 Common Dental Problems Among Children

Our teeth are used up every day, when we chew, grind and talk. It’s a breeding ground of bacteria especially that we put different foods in there. The problems we have with our mouth are not cool especially that we like to flaunt those teeth. The good news is that these problems can be prevented, especially among children.  

As a parent, you have to educate yourself about these problems and how you can prevent it. You can also educate your children about the proper caring of their teeth. Bringing them to a pediatric dentist regularly will also help eliminate these problems.  

  1. Bad Breath 

Bad breath is super embarrassing. If the case is worse, it’s already called halitosis and it’s not good for anyone, especially the kids. If the bad breath is persistent no matter how you regularly brush your teeth, you’re already suffering from a dental condition. It’s not only common among kids, but for adults also.  

  1. Tooth Decay 

This disease is the second most prevalent in the US, surprising? No, it’s not. This disease is also called cavities, really common among children since they love to eat sugary foods so much. The tooth decay is a result of plaque staying on the teeth for so long. The combination of the starch and sugar produces acidic materials that attach the tooth enamel.  

This disease is also common to adults especially those who take prescription medicines. Doing regular brushing and flossing will combat tooth decay. Lessening the consumption of sweet foods will also eliminate the risk.  

  1. Tooth Sensitivity 

Almost all of us develop sensitive teeth, blame the lifestyle for this. Basically, tooth sensitivity is when you feel discomfort and pain in your teeth from eating too much sweets, cold drinks, hot drinks and ice cream. Those with advance cases feel pain when they floss or brush their teeth. Fortunately, this problem can be treated.  

If your child has a sensitive tooth, it can also be a sign of a tooth abscess or cracked tooth. This needs to be treated so jaw infection can be prevented. If your child feels pain in this tooth, call the dentist right away.  

  1. Toothaches 

Toothaches are common among us, especially for children. When your child complains about toothache, don’t neglect it. Other dental emergencies like broken tooth knocked out tooth and abscessed tooth require an urgent trip to the family dentist. Get emergency care if your child experienced facial swelling, difficulty in swallowing and fractured jaw.  

  1. Tooth Erosion 

This dental problem is caused by acids we got from food which attacks the enamel. This leads to the loss of tooth structure. The signs range from severe problems like cracking or as mild as sensitivity. It’s a common dental issue but not everyone is aware of this. Thankfully, this issue can be treated and prevented too.  

  1. Mouth Sores 

Mouth sores are really bothersome. If the mouth sore doesn’t disappear after two weeks or more, it should be checked by a doctor. Most of mouth sores are contagious so you should have it treated right away.  

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