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Kathleen A. ("Kali") Robson, Ph.D.

Thomas P. Henn, M.S.
(Tom sometimes helps with projects when he has time.)

We have done consulting work, mainly botanical surveys (threatened, endangered, sensitive, wetland and invasive plant species), and Kali has recently worked on ethnobotany/traditional cultural plant projects related to Native American tribes of the Pacific Northwest. A few years ago Kali spent quite a bit of time writing an encyclopedia, and Tom now works for the City of Portland Parks. We operated our small nursery and didn't have much time left for consulting or surveying, but the nursery is now phased out, and Kali has returned to consulting. If you are looking for assistance with botanical projects, including ethnobotany, restoration advice, surveys, or training, check out some of our past projects, below and resumes, above. Kali has extensive botanical expertise and teaching experience. She has worked with several Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest.

As a contractor or subcontractor to larger environmental contractors, Kali can help you:

-Conduct botanical surveys and ensure plants are correctly identified.

-Develop a diverse plant palette for restoration projects, with the proper native species installed in appropriate habitats.

-Monitor restoration projects to evaluate success.

-Gather data on plant communities of interest, including running transects and quantifying percent cover for species present; analyzing and interpreting results.

-Present results and conclusions in reports and presentations.

-Conduct background research, including taxonomy, status and habitat, on species of interest.

Robson Botanical Consultants provides surveys and taxonomic identification of threatened, endangered and sensitive plants, plants of traditional cultural importance to Native American Tribes of the Pacific Northwest, in addition to exotic or noxious species, wetland plants, bryophytes and lichens for NEPA compliance/biological evaluations, traditional plant studies, plant community quantification and wetlands delineations. We perform surveys, monitoring, data collection, analysis, interpretation and reporting on plant communities or species of special interest.

Robson Botanical Consultants also offers seminars on landscaping with PNW natives (based on Encyclopedia of Northwest Native Plants for Gardens and Landscapes), and re-vegetation recommendations for riparian, wetland or upland restoration projects. We have worked with private homeowners as well as government and commercial clients in surveying, reporting and assisting with planting designs for improved wildlife habitat, wetland mitigation and environmental remediation. Now that the nursery is history, Kali is moving back to contracting and consulting, and is especially interested in traditional cultural/ethnobotanical projects, such as those described below.

In addition to a variety of homeowners, our clients have included:

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